Primitive postmodern art 
defiant x  design

Star Extrusion with Gradient (2020) Color Original 1 of 1, signed. 30" diameter dye sublimation ink on round metal substrate


Sphere Downtown (2016) Color Original 1 of 1, signed. 20x30"  dye sublimation ink on metal substrate (aluminum panel).



Another example of 

Defiance by Design

I have a theory about art and its dependency on two core ingredients-- creativity and defiance--without which very little of it gets made.

Creativity, and the skills that are required to make art, is often in the hands of people who are at odds with milieu in which they operate. I'm talking about the artists. That's right, Those pesky, high-strung, unpredictable, difficult, brilliant, destructive, obsessive, creative people who provide to the rest of us,  the art which prevents us from dying of the truth. 

Those artists, who inevitably find themselves the subject of controversy, or in conflict with the existing order of things seem to exude a natural defiance and willingness to resist any effort to shape or alter or control their art, their message, their opinions, beliefs, lifestyles, or anything else you can name.

Whatever it is, they're against it.  


American Artist 1958-

Peter McArdle


Auteur of the nouveau abstruse. Shot-caller at Studio Zero. Lover of skulls, 11-pointed stars, spheres and elevated subways in NYC, he was recently asked what the most important technologies invented in the last 100 years were.

He named the electric guitar, and Adobe Photoshop. 

BFA(1998)  from Rochester Institute of Technology's College of Imaging Arts and Sciences' School of Photography.

MFA (2002) Columbia University School of the Arts, Film Division. 



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