In a most corporate version of the Future, Minimalism and Brutalism rise on a wave of popular apathy and the necessity of self-expression is called into question. There are those who believe the Brutal/Minimal Movement is self-validating by virtue of the conspicuous absence of vision and emotion and expression of unique, individual ideas. It's all the same.  It's innate brutality implies enforced sameness. But what is most important, is that the art of it, proves lack of self-expression means its not art at all. So the question remains:

Why make art?

It's like asking, why is this guy standing on Broadway by Union Square in NYC, in the middle of the afternoon, wearing that mask? In some vague but critically important way, I am reluctant to ask the question. Why? Why do that? And why is his mask mad crooked like that? It's like you want to know, but you don't. 

Why make art is that same kind of a question. It's like, you want to know, but you don't.


Beware! A question like this cannot be taken lightly lest you fall down in the Pit called Because and perish there, with the Dogs of Reason. 

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